Encounters with people from the field of sex work in times of the pandemic in Austria. Collected fragments from a world often made invisible.

Like Freddy Mercury asks in Bohemian Rhapsody "Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?" we have often been confronted with questions of what is actually happening around us.

Omar al-Bashir was the authoritarian president of Sudan for three decades. In 2019, the Sudanese people peacefully took to the streets and demanded his resignation. Around half of the activists are female.

The photobook „EAT, SLEEP, SCHOOL, FIGHT“, is a multimedia project about student brawls (tawuran pelajar) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On behalf of the school, hostile students in Indonesia are fighting each other on the street. Every year dozens of teenagers die in clashes and become "martyrs" for their classmates. A multimedia story (german).

Lia aka ultraslvt is a 31 year old BDSM-loving, sex-radical feminist, trans woman. She believes that sex can be a revolutionary act.

Rüdiger Hoffmann sees himself as a freedom fighter who wants to open the eyes of the German people.

Del La­Gra­ce Vol­ca­no is an intersex activist, photographer and parent. A multimedia story.

On July 7 - 8, 2017, the G20 summit took place in Hamburg. The days before and after were marked by peaceful protests and blockade actions. However, there were also riots that led to conflicts between protesters and police.

“Not in God's Name” is a Viennese initiative that aims to prevent radicalization of Muslim youths in Vienna. Through the help of role models, school visits, sports events and social media campaigns, tolerance and non-violence is promoted.

Sumba is one of the poorest islands of Indonesia. At cultural events, one sees the metamorphosis between the traditional animist religion, "Marapu", and the Catholicism imported by colonialism.

“Rangeln” is considered the oldest sport in the Alps. It is similyr to wrestling. Whoever leaves the ring last is referred to as “Hogmoar”.

"The Fight Club was badly needed," Mansur reminisces. "In the past, Chechens and Afghans were enemies, beating up one another at Praterstern and injuring each other with knives. This is also the plae where they became brothers and went home with a smile on their faces (...).”

Elvis lives - in Berlin. Janet’s house is a temple she has lovingly designed and dedicated to the fifties. You feel like opening a time capsule - the juke boxplays Marylin Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Every year on St. Jacobs Day the natural arena at the top of Hundstein, in Salzburg's Pinzgau, sets the scene for the traditional Hundstoa- or Jakobi Ranggeln.

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