Zell am Ziller, Tyrol, Austria, 2015

“Rangeln” is considered the oldest sport in the Alps. It is simular to wrestling.
Whoever leaves the ring last is referred to as “Hogmoar”.

The title brings triumph and prestige to the fighter and the entire region he’s from. In the old days, Ranggeln was more than just a sport. The title allowed the fighter to claim the power of decision in land affairs and other conflicts.


Today, Ranggeln is only found in certain regions of Tyrol, South Tyrol, Salzburg, Switzerland and Bavaria. A few kilometers further, especially young people might not even know that this traditional martial art even exists.

Tyrol’s most important event is “Gauderranggeln” in Zell am Ziller.

Anton Hollaus (22) is the “Gauder Hogmoar 2015”.