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Germany, 2020

Like Freddy Mercury asks in Bohemian Rhapsody „Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” we have often been confronted with questions of what is actually happening around us and where the border between fantasy and reality lies, since the outbreak of the global Corona pandemic. In the beginning, the situation felt like a surreal dream in which we had to re-orientate ourselves every few days.

Corona Rhapsody is a contribution to the discussion on the question of what changes in our society are caused by the pandemic. We combine different aspects and scenarios happening during Covid-19 in Germany and show the tension between public life, the infrastructural apparatus behind it and the people who move in this space.

With „Corona Rhapsody” we want to show and question how the current pandemic is presented by media and perceived in public, to what extent this coincides with subjective experiences, how it is possibly instrumentalised for political purposes and how we will remember the corona crisis in future.

A photo essay by Rafael Heygster and Helena Lea Manhartsberger